We Have The Solution For Your Project

We offer our customers innovative solutions to meet all the challenges of sustainability, reduction of the CO2 footprint, design, schedule, cost or aesthetics.

Our customers can depend on Lafarge for top-tier service, timely deliveries, and efficient mix design management for their construction projects.

Innovative Concretes

Our specialty ready-mix concrete solutions are tailored to meet our customers' unique project needs–from efficiency to design to performance–across Canada.

We offer ready-mix concrete solutions that are specifically adapted to and time-tested in your local market.

Succeed With The Right Materials

Concrete is the most reliable and widely used building material in the world, with a whole host of advantages.

As the demand for more sustainable solutions and developments in research increase, we’re on hand, offering a comprehensive range of products to meet the evolving needs of our customer–without compromise.


Premium self-compacting concrete engineered for flawless surface finishes, effortlessly flowing around dense reinforcement without vibration or additional energy input.

Artevia enhances the architectural and visual appeal of concrete and is the ideal solution when it comes to design, durability and cost.

Our volumetric trucks deliver custom-tailored concrete mixes to your job site, freshly made on-site, minimizing waste and optimizing resource management.

Cutting-edge ready-mix concrete for swift construction and heightened efficiency, maintaining workability and swiftly attaining exceptional mechanical strength.

High-tech construction material with superior qualities, used in various applications from demanding structures to creative projects, including façade rainscreen cladding.

High-strength, durable, and rigid concrete designed to push engineering boundaries, created by innovative materials experts for sustainable and resource-efficient construction solutions.

ECOPact is the world’s broadest range of low-carbon, sustainable concrete. It offers up to 90% lower CO₂ emissions compared to standard (CEM I) concrete with no compromise in performance.

Premium ready-mix concrete for diverse construction needs, offering flexibility and sustainability, evolving to meet industry demands.


This ready mix product optimizes the design of duct-bank systems for predictable thermal performance and potential project cost savings.


Engineered for colder climates, accelerating setting time and offering early protection against freezing, making it ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial projects in cold weather.

Unparalleled Expertise And Customer Service

From sourcing raw materials responsibly to our nationwide network of plants and environmentally friendly logistics, Lafarge prioritizes sustainability.

We're Canada's trusted concrete supplier, dedicated to supporting your project's success through our comprehensive service offerings.

Discover how our team can collaborate with yours, from start to finish.