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Oil Well Cement

Lafarge continues to lead the industry in the production of oil well cement, locally and internationally. Lafarge's plants and distribution centers cover a wide geography where oil and gas exploration and production are present.

Oil well cement is used in the production and exploration of oil and gas onshore as well as offshore to depths of up to 2100 metres (7000 feet) of water. A typical well can be thousands of metres deep, less than a metre wide, and is constructed by using a metal casing surrounded by a special cement slurry mix that fills the annulus between the outer face of the tubing and the wall formation of the hole. Lafarge Canada Inc. oil well cement provides a base ingredient in the slurry mix that is pumped into the interior metal section of the well and forced back toward the surface from the base of the borehole filling the annulus. Oil well cement slurries are designed for a multitude of purposes from the establishment of the well’s safety and structural integrity during drilling to the isolation of the zone of interest and the production of oil and gas upon completion.