High-Performing and Sustainable

At Lafarge, our cement range helps deliver innovative and sustainable building solutions.

Our products are a direct response to the challenge of growing urbanization around the world. With each offering, we're ensuring the construction of more durable low-carbon buildings.

An Industry-Leading Offer

We offer an extensive line of innovative and low-carbon cements and hydraulic binders, including bag and bulk products. Our cement products are designed for different types of construction and are readily available to keep your project on schedule.

Our expert R&D teams are continuously innovating to make cement more sustainable–by reducing manufacturing-related carbon emissions and closing the building materials resource loop through recycling.

Sustainable Solutions

Environmentally friendly cements for a wide range of projects, promoting environmental responsibility.

Portland Cement

A high-quality, efficient, and versatile building material used for generations.


Specialty Products

Offering architectural, well-drilling, road-surfacing, pozzolan cements, and innovative options like silica fume or slag blends.



Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) incorporate minerals in varying proportions during the last phase of the cement production process.

Lafarge Cement:
Pioneering Change

Lafarge Canada is spearheading sustainability in the cement industry with solutions like ECOPlanet and OneCem. Our aim is to produce high-performance cements with significantly reduced carbon footprints, leading the way in building more eco-conscious communities.

Our dedication to sustainability doesn't stop at our specialty products. Masonry cement, mortar cement, and blended cement–each product in our broad portfolio carries our commitment. With each offering tailored to different construction needs, we're helping build progress for people and the planet, one project at a time.