Dynamax high performance concrete


Make your big ideas a reality with DYNAMax: the ultimate performance concrete for the new design trends and engineering challenges of our ever-evolving world, characterized by high strength, outstanding durability and superior rigidity.

outstanding durability


max. 750 Coulombs

superior rigidity


min. 40GPa2

high strength


C75 - C135 MPa


Sustainability and durability

  • Reduce your building’s overall carbon footprint by lowering material demand
  • Execute structures with less concrete and steel reinforcement
  • Employ local production in existing ready-mix concrete plants
  • Cut back on transport with short routes and lower concrete volume
  • See an increased technical service life for your building
  • Minimize maintenance and lifecycle costs

Ease of placement

  • Use the same working processes as for conventional concrete
  • Implement faster and more effective construction processes with reduced workforce requirements
  • Provide improved working conditions on the construction site
  • Cut the total cost of construction with high early strength development

More design freedom

  • Use thinner cross-sections for columns, walls and slabs
  • Build larger spans and longer column grids
  • Enjoy slender design with the same or higher load bearing capacity
  • Gain improved functionality and more usable space for the same building volume
  • Build an increased number of floors with the same building height
  • Achieve greater variability in the layout of the floor plan

New dimension of building with concrete

  1. Exposed components: the dense pore structure ensures extremely resistant surfaces, increases service life and reduces maintenance costs of the load bearing structure.
  2. Large spans: high compressive strength and rigidness enable slender concrete construction with wide spans.
  3. Columns and beams: smaller cross-sections require less valuable space, thus increasing the usable area.
  4. Slabs: reduced thickness allowing the separation of the supporting structure and building utilities, thus speeding up the construction process and facilitating later adjustments. 
  5. Parking garages: slim supporting structures simplify traffic routing, increase the number of parking bays and create more room height.
  6. Stairways and elevator shafts: reduced wall thickness increases the usable area.