An Innovative Asphalt Solutions Portfolio

Leveraging the latest processing technology, Lafarge develops innovative asphalt solutions that maximize recycled material use without compromising durability and performance.

High-performance, responsible asphalt solutions

With sustainability at the forefront, we cater to the rising demand for eco-conscious construction. We are more than just an asphalt supplier; we're your forward-thinking partner, dedicated to both meeting your needs and advancing the sustainability of the construction industry. 

Building on decades of experience, Lafarge has the asphalt expertise to undertake the most demanding projects and diverse applications successfully. Our ongoing commitment to R&D guarantees high levels of performance, durability and material efficiency, and unique characteristics such as ensuring superior performance in different climates. 


Hot Mix Asphalt Manufacturing

Lafarge Canada is a leading asphalt manufacturer. Our Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) manufacturing techniques leverage the latest processing technology to properly blend and heat aggregate and liquid asphalt cement. Our North American network of asphalt plants, including both batch and drum mix plants, produce high-quality, innovative asphalts, meeting the job mix formula requirements. We also incorporate reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and other additives, with advanced systems to limit emissions.

Sustainable Asphalt Solutions

We’ve developed best practices and innovative tools in accordance with specifications and national regulations to protect the environment and lower our asphalt concrete carbon footprint by:

  • Maximizing the use of recycled asphalt
  • Expanding cold and warm asphalt technologies via various methods
  • Formulating optimizations for bitumen consumption
  • Improving performance and rideability with our polymer-modified bitumen

Sustainability is achieved with asphalt containing high levels of recycled raw materials. This product reduces the use of natural aggregates and reduces greenhouse gas emissions over the product's lifecycle while still providing excellent mechanical properties.

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