At Lafarge, we innovate to shape a sustainable future for construction, building progress for people and the planet

We collaborate with industry leaders to create a bigger impact.

Cutting-edge Research And Development

At Lafarge, we believe true innovation thrives on collaboration.

We actively partner with start-ups, like-minded firms, and leading academic institutions in an open innovation ecosystem. Together, we push the boundaries of what's possible in building and construction

Digitizing For Green Growth

Our multidisciplinary team, from engineering to AI, pioneers research and development in CO2 reduction and ultra high-strength concrete, revolutionizing construction with sustainable solutions.

Holcim MAQER

We welcome disruption through Holcim MAQER, our platform for collaboration with startups, tech leaders, and digital entrepreneurs. Together, we harness digital technologies and data-centric approaches to transform our business.

If you share our vision and passion for change, join us on this exciting journey.

ConcreteDirect App

ConcreteDirect streamlines the construction process for our valued customers. Through our user-friendly app, you can effortlessly place, amend, and confirm orders, reducing complexity and workload on-site and in the office, enhancing project management efficiency.

Experience the revolution in construction project management with ConcreteDirect, designed for your convenience.

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