A decorative concrete for use in both indoor flooring and outdoor hardscaping, Artevia® offers luxurious colours and realistic textures, while ensuring long-term durability and easy maintenance that only concrete can warrant.


Design savvy

Allows experimentation with a variety of concrete colours to match any design or environment, with decorative stones, creative textures and patterns for a unique project.


Integrally coloured concrete ensures quality at every batch and a consistent concrete delivery, allowing for a seamless design without variance or discolouration.


Maintains its colour without fading and upholds long-standing physical integrity over the Canadian freeze-thaw cycles with little upkeep or maintenance.



  • Residential or Commercial, Interior polished or stamped flooring
  • Residential, exterior pathways, pool decks, stairways, and driveways
  • Commercial, exterior sidewalks, curbs, pedestrian crossings, parking lots, and courtyards
  • Vertical walls