Aggregates for Every Project

conveyer belt heading up piles of aggregate

Lafarge has a full line of high-quality aggregate products and services to meet your needs. Whether you’re building roads, buildings, dams, mass transit, or producing asphalt or concrete, we have the aggregates you need. We also have ground calcium for industrial and agricultural applications. Along with a full product range, Lafarge offers product delivery, technical support, and industry expertise. We have a large network of sites across Canada, so are local wherever you are.


Standard Aggregates

From roads to manufacturing and landscaping, we have a complete line of aggregates to meet your needs.

Granulats propres

Les granulats sont dits propres lorsqu’on a retiré du concasseur ou du crible tous les granulats fins pour ne garder que les granulats grossiers. Ces granulats peuvent être lavés. Ils sont utilisés pour la fabrication du béton ou du bitume, le remblayage et le drainage.


Sand products are made by separating the fine material from the deposit. Natural sands are produced from sand and gravel pits, while manufactured sands come from quarries. Applications include concrete & asphalt manufacturing, bedding for pipes, in beach and golf course construction, and to provide safety on icy roads.


Granular materials consist of a combination of coarse and fine aggregates to create a well packing product. Applications include road bases and surfacing materials.


Oversized stones are screened from sand and gravel pits or blasted at quarries. Applications include landscaping & decorative features, retaining walls and erosion control.