After water, aggregates are the most utilized product in the world. They are the key component of the roads and transit ways we use to commute, they form the foundation of the homes and buildings in which we live and play, and are a vital part of our ambition to help build better cities and communities.

Lafarge Canada is proud to offer a full range of high quality virgin & recycled aggregates to our customers across Canada. With our strategically located sites and a broad range of mineral geology, we are well positioned to serve our customers in every segment. Whether you are in the business of constructing roads or buildings, producing asphalt or concrete, or are farmer concerned with the PH levels of your soil, Lafarge has a variety of aggregate products and services that have been specifically designed to meet your needs.


Standard Aggregates:

Aggregates are produced from either sand & gravel pits or quarries. They can be round or crushed, fine or course, and come in a variety of colors and combinations. There are five main types of standard aggregates that Lafarge sells:



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Granular materials consist of a combination of coarse and fine aggregate to create a product capable of packing well. Applications include road bases and surfacing materials.



Clear products are made by taking the coarse material that comes off the crusher or scalping screen, and removing the fines. Sometimes clear products are also washed before being sold to the customer. Applications include use in concrete & asphalt manufacturing, and as a backfill and drainage.



Sand products are made by separating the fine material from the coarse material. Natural sands are produced from sand and gravel pits, while manufactured sands are produced from quarries. Applications include use in concrete & asphalt manufacturing, bedding for pipes, in beach and golf course construction, and to provide safety on icy roads.



Oversized round stone is scalped out of the bank in sand & gravel pits, or blasted at quarries. Applications include landscaping & decorative applications, retaining walls and erosion control.



Recycled aggregates are produced by crushing & screening recycled construction materials such as concrete & asphalt. Applications include road bases, and use in concrete & asphalt manufacturing.