On-Site Solution for High-Performance Concrete

RMCAO and BNQ-Certified Turnkey Solution

As an exclusive supplier and manufacturer of UHPC Ductal, as well as unique CHRONOMax and ADHEMax products, BMQ has the solution for you!

BMQ simplifies job site operations while providing quality materials and hundreds of job-site-fresh prepared mixes, no matter the size or complexity of the project.

Its high-performance and durable solutions make it possible to reopen a structure to traffic as fast as 3 hours after pouring.

                                  Main Characteristics

  • BMQ simplifies job site operations
  • Ultra high-performance solutions
  • Sustainable extends service life and builds with zero waste
  • Reopen a structure to any traffic as fast as 3 hours after pouring
  • Improve the mechanical performance of new or existing structures
  • Access to hundreds of in-situ mixes
  • RMCAO and BNQ-certified solution
  • Only pay for what you use

Discover Our New Bagged Specialty Concrete

Adding another dimension to our extensive portfolio, BMQ Solutions now presents specialized bagged ready-mixed concrete products. This groundbreaking offering simplifies the construction process, requiring just the addition of water to unleash its full potential. Tailored for versatility, our ready-mixed concrete is ideal for a spectrum of applications, from DIY projects to large-scale construction ventures.

Sustainable Solutions for the Future

Aligned with our core purpose, BMQ Solutions addresses complex concrete deterioration issues with eco-friendly practices. We have the expertise to identify and combat various sources of concrete problems, including severe wear, corrosive chemical environments, and other specific factors. Our bagged ready-mixed concrete products not only prioritize performance but also embody our commitment to environmental sustainability.


Volumetric Trucks and
Pan Mixers Solution

The Mobile Mini Plants for High-Performance Concrete

Our volumetric trucks come to the job site to deliver a concrete mix specifically tailored to your needs. The concrete is freshly made on-site and mixed continuously, which allows the mixer to produce only the quantity of concrete required for each project while optimizing the management of materials, manpower and waste.

This agile and reliable turnkey solution allows us to offer you a portfolio of unique products, RMCAO and BNQ certified. In-situ concrete mixing allows precise quantities of material accessible for all types of construction sites, with accelerated deadlines and speed of execution.


Commitment To Safety & Quality


At Lafarge, safety and adherence to best practices are paramount. We hold certifications that underscore this commitment, including compliance with the NQ 2621-905 certification protocol by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ) (certificate No. 589) and Concrete Ontario (formerly RMCAO). Moreover, our Ductal® ultra-high performance, fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPC) is listed on the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario's (MTO) Designated Sources of Materials (DSM) list.

Innovative, Efficient and Reliable

BMQ exceeds the standards of other volumetric players in the market by offering a turnkey service that stands out, conceptualizing unique mix designs to meet the most demanding construction challenges.


Our BMQ products embody reliability, precision, durability, and cleanliness throughout the manufacturing process.

Discover them below. 


Rapid Strength for Fast and Long-lasting Results

Specifically designed for urgent work, the CHRONOMax Standard, LX (latex) and SC (self-compacting) calcium sulfoaluminate, binder-based concrete mixes are used for structural elements, emergencies and accelerated road repairs. Thanks to its rapid development of compressive strength of 20 MPa after only 3 hours, this mix allows for fast re-openings or the application of membranes after 8 hours. Whether it's for slabs-on-grade or structures, you have the option to adjust the setting time according to your needs.

Main Properties
  • Guaranteed 20 MPa in 3 to 4 hours
  • Extremely fast curing time
  • Accelerate project schedule
  • Emergency repairs


The Mix that Sticks

The ADHEMax line includes latex-modified concrete mixes (5% or 15%) based on Portland cement (GU-P, HE, binary or ternary), offering exceptional durability and excellent bond strength to various substrates without the need to demolish the concrete structure down to the steel rebar. This makes it easier than ever to repair structural elements or protect your assets with a durable overlay, or rapidly apply a membrane after only 72 hours.

Main Properties:
  • Provide high durability
  • High adherence to substrate
  • Max 300 coulombs chloride penetration


High-strength Concrete Designed for Performance

Ductal® mixes are ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concretes (UHPFRC) which offer very high strength (i.e. 120 MPa at 28 days or more), high ductility, protection against attacks or fire, unparalleled durability, and, for certain mixes, aesthetic and architectural finesse. These features open up many possibilities for your new construction projects, whether that includes transportation structures, hydrological infrastructure, or buildings.

Main Properties:
  • Ultra-high performance concrete (> 120 MPa)
  • High level of durability & mechanical strengths
  • Extended service life
Concrete for Transportation Infrastructure

The Concrete Mixes That Keep the Economy Moving

BMQ offers most of the standard mixtures specified by major transportation infrastructure managers, such as ministries of transportation, airport and port authorities and many others.

Specialty Mixes

When the Right Tool Makes All the Difference

If your project requires accelerated concrete (“Fast Track”), self-compacting concrete, wet-mix or dry-mix shotcrete, non-shrink backfill, fibre-reinforced concrete or a custom mix, BMQ will be happy to provide the concrete formula you need, as well as our expertise, to complete your projects easily and with confidence.

Conventional Mixes

Mixes to Get Your Work Done

Whether it's for pools, sidewalks, slabs, foundations, fences or other concrete work, BMQ offers a wide range of mixes for your residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Product Availability

  • Ontario
  • Quebec