Research & Development


Together with our partners, customers, and academic researchers, our best-in-class R&D teams develop the most innovative products, solutions, and services, as well as advanced manufacturing processes. Holcim Research & Development (R&D) is driven by our customers, who face today’s major challenges: achieving energy efficiency, lowering the cost of construction, reducing our environmental footprint, and meeting high standards of aesthetics, health, comfort, and well-being.


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Edmonton Innovation Hub

Each cement plant is equipped with fully functional and certified QC and QA laboratories supported by certified concrete laboratories in Richmond, BC, Exshaw, AB, and Seattle, WA. These are further supported by our Concrete Innovation Hub in Edmonton, which acts as a Centre for Excellence, and Innovation in Western Canada. The Hub is home to a team of highly specialized materials experts and engineers who conduct the testing and research critical to ensure that our quality remains the highest in Canada, whilst optimizing materials use and seizing opportunities to minimize climate impact. Students from across Alberta have access to the Hub as well, providing a unique environment for academic research and instruction.

The Hub is also certified by Climate Earth  - indicating that thanks to the use of sustainable materials in its construction, the building's construction and operation have reduced GHG impacts with the vast majority of its components available for recycling at end-of-life. 


Western Canada Asphalt Laboratories

As one of Western Canada's largest roadbuilders, Lafarge Canada operates two full-scope asphalt laboratories in BC and AB. To the east of the Regional laboratory building, an asphalt producing plant. The facilities conduct the testing on asphalt samples and binder ingredients collected from various sites, as well as design labs, where we formulate asphalt mix designs for use in our asphalt plants. Lafarge Canada's quality control teams are recognized across our industry as experts, and have contributed to the development of North American specifications and accreditations currently in use across Canada.

Our facilities are highly specialized and process full-scope testing on Asphalt Pavement Thickness, Viscosity Testing, Hot Mix Asphalt Testing, Performance Grade Evaluation, Asphalt Binder Testing and AASHTO Testing.