Canada's Leading Concrete Supplier

Lafarge provides an extensive range of concrete products for precast and pipe applications. 

We collaborate with our customers to explore new opportunities, from innovative designs to strategic applications.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete excels on large, complex, and time-sensitive projects.

At Lafarge, our experienced personnel bring innovation and solutions to tackle evolving challenges. With skilled estimators and in-house engineers, Lafarge provides custom concrete solutions, removing the guesswork from the planning and design stages.


Pipe Concrete

Lafarge Pipe stands as Western Canada's foremost producer of precast concrete drainage solutions, encompassing pipe, box culverts, manholes, catch basins, and the innovative Stormceptor System for stormwater treatment.


Comprehensive Product Offerings

As a key supplier in the Canadian construction sector, Lafarge provides an extensive array of concrete products. Our offerings encompass ready-mix concrete, precast elements, and high-performance solutions, all finely tuned to cater to the varied demands of contemporary projects, regardless of their scope.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Lafarge's concrete solutions deliver reliable, enduring performance, solidifying our prominent role in the industry.

Environmentally Focused

In addition to delivering top-tier products, Lafarge demonstrates a firm commitment to sustainability.

Through responsible sourcing, innovative recycling processes, and energy-efficient production methods, Lafarge ensures that its concrete products contribute to sustainable development, aligning with global standards and the long-term needs of the environment and society.