Leading Sustainability in the Cement Industry

Our sustainable cement offerings help reduce the CO2 intensity of our cement.

Our stringent quality controls mean they can handle the most demanding infrastructure applications. Choose from our wide range of eco-friendly cement solutions, including ECOPlanet, OneCem® Portland, Blended Cements, Terraflow, and other Specialty Products, incorporating supplementary cementitious materials for efficient, high-performance and sustainable construction.


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Delivering 100% performance starting at 30% lower CO2 emissions



Everything you need from cement - strength, durability, performance and workability


Terraflow, Terracem and Tercem

An engineered sustainable solution for mine backfill


Lafarge Sustainability

Lafarge Canada is a leader in innovative,
sustainable architecture.

Our approach emphasizes environmental responsibility without compromising on strength and durability. We're turning blueprints into greenprints, bridging the gap between cutting-edge construction and environmental harmony. Our sustainable offerings, from ECOPlanet cement to ECOPact concrete, exemplify our commitment to building greener cities for all.

Meeting the Need for Sustainable Cement

In our rapidly developing world, the demand for cement is growing exponentially. While cement is vital for infrastructure development, its production significantly contributes to CO2 emissions. The need for a more sustainable alternative is not only desirable but necessary.

Our Role in Changing the Cement Landscape

Lafarge is taking the reins in revolutionizing the cement industry. We’re not just reshaping it but completely reinventing it by introducing a sustainable line of cement products.

The Power of Sustainable Cement

Our eco-friendly cement solutions deliver the strength, durability, and workability expected from traditional cement, proving that sustainability and performance are not mutually exclusive.