Delivering Excellence in Surface Finish

Agilia® is a self-compacting concrete that will flow freely around congested reinforcement without the need for vibration or other energy input.

Its high-quality finish makes it an excellent choice for a diverse range of construction applications, including architectural work, piles and foundations, horizontal and vertical structural elements, facades and even toppings and screeds.

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Expedite Pouring, Improve Efficiency

With zero need for vibration, Agilia streamlines worksite efficiency and facilitates effortless pouring, leading to safer, quieter operations.

This high-fluidity concrete simplifies the construction process, reducing finishing work and placement labour, and significantly lowering costs.

Additionally, with fewer concrete delivery points and a reduced need for patching, Agilia dramatically cuts down pouring time, thereby accelerating construction timelines and boosting overall project productivity.

Why Agilia?

Lafarge Agilia® showcases the ultimate evolution of self-consolidating concrete. It can be poured quickly, flowing and spreading easily to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish.

No vibration is required

Eliminating the need for vibration ensures the job can be done much quicker. This not only enhances efficiency but also directly contributes to a safer work environment by reducing noise pollution and the number of bodies working on potentially dangerous slabs. 

Smarter work sites

Agilia® concrete promotes better worksite organization; with reduced pouring points, crane handling and more efficient construction schedules around concrete placement and finishing.

Easier to place

Structures with complex form configurations can be easily poured, especially where heavy reinforcement or difficult formwork accessibility is involved.


Superior Self-Consolidating Concrete

The evolution of self-consolidating concrete in horizontal applications, Agilia Horizontal XTR is the ultimate choice.

It can be poured quickly, flowing and spreading easily to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish.

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Main Characteristics

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Very fluid

Very Fluid

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  • High-rise raft slabs and foundations
  • Interior and exterior flatwork, from residential basement floor slabs to commercial slab-on-grade, and agricultural barn and silo bases
  • Vertical Structures, including columns, walls, formliners, bridge work, exterior facades, and more

Product Availability

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Nova Scotia