Thermaflow thermal fill


When designing duct-bank systems it is important to anticipate risks and  implement preventive solutions to avoid potential outage problems. Lafarge's Thermaflow is a proprietary concrete mix that offers a range of strengths and levels of thermal resistivity for optimizing the design of duct-bank systems for predictable thermal performance and potential project cost savings. 


The challenge: Underground transmission lins require a stable thermal environment. Excessive heat can cause:

  • derating of cable ampacity and hot spots
  • reduction in cable lifespan
  • premature cable failure to conduit

Backfill material selection needs to consider:

  • thermal stability;
  • low (and accurate) thermal resistivity;
  • self consolidation;
  • precise spread, viscosity and flowability; and
  • local availability.

To ensure power that never stops:

thermaflow 2

Think beyond concrete

Thermaflow minimizes the depth of burial and cost of backfill, and maximizes the number of conduits and size of ducts

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Consult Lafarge's experts

Our team marry science, soil and concrete - and find the right solution for your project

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Measure, don't assume

The rho value of 90 isn't a magic number. Soil conditions vary from location to location.