Precast concrete products provide a fantastic solution for building construction. This method of design and construction provides an industrial advantage, enabling quick and cost-effective long-line production, standardized components, calculated positioning of details, and simple documentation. 

Precast concrete is perfect for year-round building and can be used to create various structures such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, and retail stores. Plus, it's ideal for applications that call for strength, durability, beauty, sustainability and fast-track construction.

Bridge Girders

Our skilled engineers are able to create a wide range of bridge girders, including precast concrete NU Girders and Box Girders. Our pre-stressing systems allow for longer spans and increased loading capacity. Combined with the flexibility and size of our precast facility, we can produce multiple bridge girders simultaneously, all while meeting the tight time constraints required for modern-day infrastructure projects.

Wall Panels

Lafarge Canada's precast concrete Insulcore wall systems offer strength, stability, and expedited construction for a variety of architectural needs, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, and more. Enjoy our assortment of shapes and finishes to suit your design requirements.

Hollowcore Slabs

Our Precast Concrete Hollowcore Slab flooring units are not only long-lasting but provide large spans with cross-sections that lower building height and reduce material costs. Our team can help you determine which sizes, shapes, and styles of components are best suited for your commercial building project, ensuring that they are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and cost-effective.

Beams & Columns

A complete precast concrete structural system offers many benefits and great value for commercial projects. By using precast concrete columns and beams, a solid foundation is created for hanging precast concrete panels. This design offers fast construction, stability, and increased fire resistance. Many options are available to tailor the system to the specific size and shape of the commercial building needed.

Double Tee Flooring Span

These precast concrete components provide excellent roof and flooring units, spanning considerable distances and providing quick erection to close in a structure faster. In some cases, double tees can also can be used as wall panels on low-rise commercial buildings, creating distinctive designs that require little maintenance and offer fire resistance and durability as with architectural wall panels.


Precast concrete spandrels are a key component in our precast structural systems, used in conjunction with other key products on structural projects like precast parkades. A key reason for this is that precast concrete spandrels are excellent for transferring working loads to structural columns and beams. Spandrels often have a decorative architectural sandblasted finish to enhance the aesthetics of the structure.

Shear Wall Panels

Precast concrete shear wall panels are the structural solution of choice for many office buildings, high-rise residential, institutional facilities and mixed-use retail projects of all types. A key reason for this is that these precast concrete panels provide structural stability to structures exposed to heavy wind and seismic loads.

Standard Products

Lafarge Canada offers a wide variety of quality precast concrete for use in the construction and utility markets within Alberta. Each of Lafarge's Standard Products is fabricated to CPCI (Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute) quality requirements, and full QC documentation is available.

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