Elevating Edmonton International Airport: Taxiway Bravo Rehabilitation

Edmonton Regional Airports Authority turned to  Lafarge for a major rehabilitation project in Alberta, which included improvements to Taxiway Bravo, North Airside Service Road, Runway 12-30, Manhole 18, and Main Apron. This complex project had multiple deliverables, and Lafarge successfully handled project and subcontractor management while keeping the airside restrictions within project limits.

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The Edmonton International Airport, a key aviation hub in Alberta, required proper maintenance to preserve its infrastructure and uphold its reputation. The Edmonton Regional Airports Authority sought a reliable partner to rehabilitate several parts of the Edmonton International Airport.

The key deliverables included:

  • Improvements to Taxiway Bravo, North Airside Service Road, Runway 12-30, Manhole 18, and Main Apron (approx. 1300m)
  • Gate repairs
  • Adherence to airside restrictions


Lafarge took on this $12.3 million, 3-year project, intending to go above and beyond to deliver all project deliverables within the proposed timelines. Quality, risk, and environmental management were central to the successful completion.

The team worked hard to ensure the rehabilitation followed construction best practices, provided accurate reporting, and conducted responsible waste management for gravel and other materials. The project also required managing various subcontractors and ensuring consistent work quality. 

The project required the following core materials over three years:

  • Asphalt – 19,000 tonnes
  • Aggregate – 1,200 tonnes
  • Concrete PCCP Panels – 3,500 m3

These materials played a crucial role in the successful rehabilitation and repairs.


Commencing in 2017, Lafarge completed several critical projects at Edmonton International Airport in, including essential gate repairs and approximately 1300m of Taxiway repairs. The process included using about 11,000 tonnes of asphalt, covering 40,180 m2 of taxiway and patching. 

Overall, the partnership was successful, with Lafarge's involvement allowing the client to get the best results while meeting their sustainability goals.