Allard in Heritage Valley: A Development 
to Transform the Present for the Future

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Heritage Valley is in the southwest of Edmonton and the plans for its development became finalized in 2007 as part of the Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (NASP). Among the 15 distinctive areas within the Valler, Lafarge took on the development of Allard, which spanned a decade and twenty-six stages, leaving an indelible mark on the community.



Lafarge approached the development with a commitment to excellence and innovation. The Heritage Valley Town Centre, a pivotal hub for Allard's residents, posed a unique challenge – accommodating both current and future demands while ensuring the quality of arterial roads, collector roads, alleyways, and access routes for residents.

Enduring a decade-long timeline brought its own set of complexities, including inevitable changes in team dynamics. Additionally, considering the scale, the company needed to work with several stakeholders, fostering open communication channels to mitigate potential delays or oversights.

With a project of this magnitude - a $32 million investment in a high-volume traffic area - Lafarge embraced the challenge with strategic closure techniques and had a comprehensive community engagement process to keep operations as seamless as possible.



Lafarge’s ample and diverse experience in construction was critical to the team’s ability to establish the correct project-handling direction. Lafarge’s leadership team in Allard established a management plan with a focus toward:

Value Generation

Striving for excellence, Lafarge’s project managers ensured that the investment into roadworks at Allard yielded the greatest value for every dollar spent . Lifecycle cost management was paired with high-quality materials to ensure that every element of the work was performed.

Collaborative Risk Assessment

By bringing together experienced, boots-on-the-ground construction leaders before work begins, the team created a 360° view of potential risks. From there, they worked as a team to generate a broad selection of suitable solutions.


Regular and ongoing input from all stakeholders, including sub-trades and clients, was ensured through scheduled calls, reports, and site meetings.

The team also focused on the following to ensure systematic progress:

  • Customized quality assurance processes 
  • Alignment of quality management plans with environmental management plans
  • Project-specific health and safety plan
  • Ongoing communication with the city and stakeholders



Lafarge’s management of the Allard Development Project was a massive success. The detailed planning, due processes, and detail-oriented approach ensured that the operations ran smoothly. Additionally, the company’s collaborative approach and experience helped it to establish an incredible working relationship with two different land development firms.

As the town centre continues to evolve, connecting residents to Edmonton's Ellerslie Station and anticipating future developments such as a new high school, hospital, and LRT, Lafarge's legacy in the heart of Heritage Valley stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and community advancement.