Mufford Crescent Project – Boosting Infrastructure to Welcome Growth

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In 2014, Lafarge completed the construction of the Mufford rail overpass located on Highway 10 in Langley, British Columbia, marking the official completion of all nine Robert Banks Rail Corridor (RBRC) infrastructure improvement projects in the Lower Mainland. 

The RBRC Program is a $307-million dollar partner initiative designed to relieve traffic congestion, improve road reliability and significantly improve the transport of international freight and Canadian exports shipped through Lower Mainland communities.



Langley has grown extensively in the last two decades, but that also means it has needed a few infrastructural changes to accommodate the residents. In 2014, the Township of Langley, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and the Canadian Pacific Railway decided to focus on traffic concerns, planning an overpass that would boost overall traffic management for freight transportation.

However, they needed to work with experienced partners who had ample experience with the project category and the additional tasks the operation would entail. The project had a $51 million budget, requiring bridge, road, and utility construction.


Lafarge’s extensive experience, industry reputation, and expertise allowed it to join this project as a general contractor. The company’s role included assembling a team of construction, aggregates, asphalt, and ready-mix concrete experts to bring the depth and expertise needed for this collaborative project. 

Lafarge constructed the entire overpass, including cast-in-place bridge girders, the foundation, piers, abutment walls, and the bridge deck. Key issues successfully managed on the project included: 

  • Pile-driving into challenging soil conditions
  • Construction of cast-in-place concrete superstructures
  • Managing multiple subcontractors and trades during construction in a constrained environment


Additional Services

Preload removal, earthworks, and grading
Installation of storm and sewer utilities
Supply and placement of materials

Supply and placement of 12,000 m3 of aggregates, 4,000 m3 ready-mix concrete, 26,800 tonnes of asphaltic concrete, and 2,000 tonnes of recycled asphalt


The highway surface was designed with a class one medium asphalt mix design, leveraging recycled asphalt products from the existing asphalt pavement. The reuse and re-purposing of this material provided sustainability and budgetary advantages, allowing us to increase the recycled content while maintaining its durability and integrity.

Lafarge coordinated a massive team and over a dozen sub-trades to successfully complete this project on schedule and on budget. The overpass has since achieved its intended purpose and allowed the ministry to support the growing trade through Langley.