Transforming Urban Landscapes: Lafarge's Vital Role in Trinity Hills Project Success

Lafarge completed the surface construction of Medicine Hills as a subcontractor to Whissell Contracting Ltd., a project with a compressed schedule that coincided with the opening of the 16th Ave/Bowfort Road Bridge and intersection.

The scope of work involved subgrade prep, granular base and subbase, asphalt paving, catch basin installation, and the following concrete structures: 

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250 STD & REV C&G
500 STD & REV C&G
Median Fill
Bus Aprons 
Stamped Concrete Struck Aprons 

Separate Sidewalks


Trinity Hills, often dubbed "Canada's greatest new urban village," is located adjacent to Canada Olympic Park, offering direct access to all areas of the city and the mountains west of the city. 

Once complete, Trinity Hills is set to provide 700,000 sq. ft. of retail space, 250,000 sq. ft. of office space, and over 2 million sq. ft. of residential space.

Despite being a subcontractor on this project, Lafarge faced a substantial challenge. The scope of work involved:

  • Subgrade prep and asphalt road paving- 43,500 m²
  • Concrete C&G - 7,000 linear meters
  • Regional Pathway Construction - 3,400 linear meters

The Trans-Canada highway/Bowfort Road interchange was scheduled to open on August 31, 2017. Lafarge needed to complete exceptionally tight deadlines two months ahead of the initial schedule.


Despite the daunting task, Lafarge was prepared to take on the challenge. Our project managers allotted additional crews and developed a detailed construction sequencing plan. 

Daily production monitoring and work zone monitoring allowed the team to not only meet the grand opening date but exceed it by two weeks, allowing the contractor for the interchange ample time to complete their tie-ins and last-minute adjustments. 



Lafarge’s planning and efforts yielded impressive results. Aside from increasing the overall daily productivity, the team was also able to finish the process well in time for other parties to finalize their work, ensuring that the Trinity Hills project became successful at its grand unveiling.