When considering the growth of a community developers need construction management that will take into account potential changes in soil expectation, access and egress challenges, and opportunities to maximize the resources that are readily available. Thanks to our experience with multi-year development projects, as well as an attitude of innovative problem solving when accessing materials, Lafarge is an ideal partner to help assess, design, and execute long-term multi-phase development projects.

Additionally, our expertise with various communities and stakeholders gives us a broad understanding of the pain points and considerations that should be addressed through effective project management. From Aboriginal community engagement through to problem solving with local environmental experts, Lafarge brings the right attitudes to complete the project on time, on budget, and bringing value to all stakeholders.

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Saddleridge Business Park (Calgary, AB)
Trinity Hills (Calgary, AB)
Quarry Park
(Calgary, AB)
(Calgary, AB)
(Calgary, AB)

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Neighbourhood Renewal (Edmonton, AB)
Allard (Edmonton AB)