Strengthening Connections With Indigenous Communities – Fostering Relations Through Listening, Respect, and Shared Opportunity

Canada's identity is deeply intertwined with its Indigenous communities and their diverse cultures, traditions, and customs. At Lafarge, we are dedicated to reconciliation through actionable steps.  We build partnerships by engaging in open dialogue, collaborating on projects, and sharing resource stewardship. Our efforts focus on creating concrete benefits for Indigenous communities while respecting and honouring their heritage.

Indigenous Relations Initiatives Highlights

In recent years, we have been involved in several initiatives across Canada. Among these, there are many that are particularly meaningful to us and showcase a positive evolution in our relationships.

Indspire: Investing in Leaders of Tomorrow

Investing in the future starts with education, which is why Lafarge has partnered with Indspire to support the education of Indigenous youth through the Leaders of Tomorrow Indigenous Scholarship Program. This initiative with Indspire is designed to strengthen communities and provide educational opportunities.

Building a Sustainable Future Together: Lafarge Canada and nidus3D

Lafarge worked alongside nidus3D in supplying its OneCem low-carbon cement in Canada’s largest 3D-printed housing project, aimed at addressing the acute housing challenges faced by the SikSika Nation. Located one hour’s drive east from the city of Calgary, the project named “Kakatoosoyiists” (Star Lodge) consists of 4 buildings, comprising a total of sixteen units, each specifically designed to provide a supportive haven for individuals of the Nation fleeing domestic violence or facing homelessness.

Whitefish River: A Long-Standing Indigenous Partnership 

For over 50 years, our collaboration with the Whitefish River First Nation has been an important part of our commitment to Indigenous communities. Last year, we celebrated this milestone with a vibrant annual fish fry and signed a new 50-year land lease in Ontario.

Collaborative Approach to Affordable Housing for the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation

Lafarge collaborated with Hill Plain, an Indigenous-owned business, through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) on the fabrication and installation of 37 homes for the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation in Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. These homes will provide relief amid the housing crisis, prioritizing support for members facing challenging situations.

M’chigeeng: Honouring the Land We Operate On

Our West Bay Ready Mix site in Ontario has been renamed M'Chigeeng (pronounced chi-geeng), meaning "village enclosed by stepped cliffs." This change honours the rich heritage of the second-largest First Nations community on Manitoulin Island and reflects our deep respect and appreciation for the land and its history.

From Demolition to Preservation: How an 111-Year-Old School House Found Renewed Purpose on the Xwmélch'tstn Reserve

The Little Yellow School House auxiliary building was facing demolition; however, it was preserved and relocated by Renewal Development. Lafarge supported this effort by donating aggregates and our ECOPact green concrete for the foundation. The schoolhouse now serves as a childhood language immersion Learning Nest on the Xwmélch'tstn Reserve in North Vancouver.

Through these and other initiatives, we are committed to strengthening our relationships with Indigenous communities. Our efforts are guided by the principles of trust, respect, and shared opportunity. We look forward to furthering these collaborations and contributing to the vibrant communities around us. Together, we are dedicated to building progress for people and the planet, working towards a sustainable and inclusive future for all.