A Unique Solution for Every Mine

Our clients operate under complex conditions and in remote locations. Lafarge is the perfect partner, supplying binders and concrete solutions for a wide range of applications while fully respecting safety, business ethics, the environment, and the well-being of local communities. Lafarge solutions are durable and offer a lower CO2 footprint.

Supported by our team of experts and our laboratory, we offer our expertise to develop custom products.

The TerraFlow product line can be tailored to the unique needs of each mine.

An Engineered Solution for Mine Backfill

TerraFlow™ is a specialized engineered blend of cementitious and other construction materials that allow for a more efficient and cost-effective solution for backfilling in underground mines. It has also been successfully used in several soil mixing applications to improve the geotechnical requirements of native soils.

Terraflow™ is specifically designed for paste or rock backfill of underground stopes and can reduce total binder consumption when compared to traditional Portland cement methods. Its formulation has also been found to be ideal for deep soil mixing operations, particularly where highly plastic, clay-bearing soils are encountered. Terraflow™ may be mixed with bentonite to reduce the permeability of Soil-Cement-Bentonite (SCB) cutoff walls.


Our Solution

From development to closure, mine owners seek new solutions to make operations safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly. With our robust supply chain network and logistics expertise, our range of safe, sustainable, and customized solutions and services will be delivered at the right time and in the most efficient way, to meet the unique needs of each project.

Mine Construction
  • Accelerated schedules for mine construction projects
  • Access and service roads and tracks
  • Customized binders for soil stabilization
  • Limiting dust emissions Shaft and decline construction, process plant construction
  • Large range of specialized binders (ultrafine cements, sulphate-resistant cements)
  • Consistent, high-quality cements and services
  • High-performance concretes (Agilia, Chronolia) and shotcretes
Mine Closure
  • Applying eco-friendly and sustainable solutions
  • Tailing ponds treatment and land remediation
  • Designing and developing suitable solutions with customers
  • Testing solutions through lab trials and in-situ pilots
Mine Operation
  • Optimizing costs while stabilizing production and improving extraction rates
  • Customized low CO2 binders for backfill
  • In-lab studies to help design backfills
  • Continuous technical support during the life of the mine
  • Operating backfill plants and control laboratories for quality assurance Shotcrete
  • Customized, high-strength wet Shotcrete via slickline or borehole
  • Design support and deliver the best specialized cement for your own Shotcrete Ore agglomeration
  • Integrated solutions to agglomerate fine particles for heap leaching
  • Agglomerating solutions for fine ores processing and transportation
  • Limiting dust emissions
  • Designing and delivering specific binders
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Studying drainage solutions with our customers
  • Treating acid mine water
  • Supporting even the most isolated project sites
  • Supply chain management (materials storage, on-site management, packaging)
  • Guaranteed consistency and quality
  • Mine-specific operations expertise from dedicated teams
  • Supplying remote and international operations (road, rail, bulk vessels or barges, leveraging our in-house trading company for international supply)
  • Dedicated concrete batching plants (with one or more loading points for quick mobilization)
  • World-class health and safety standards and ethics
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly operations and solutions
  • Customized R&D and dedicated technical support

Product Availability

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Nova Scotia