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Lafarge is able to provide alternatives to standard design practices that maximize the use of existing and in-situ materials for new or rehabilitated road projects. Cement based soil stabilization presents a potential solution for optimizing the engineering properties of soil to improve strength, volume stability, durability, and moisture control.

TerraCem™ is specialized engineered blend of cementitious and other construction materials commonly used to improve the strength, volume stability, and durability of road base and/or sub-grade.

TerraCemTM can be used effectively in soil drying, compaction, and stabilization and can reduce the shrink–swell potential of high plasticity clays, making otherwise problematic soils and materials a viable base or sub-grade material. Correct application improves shear strength, and sub-grade support and reduces compressibility of both cohesive soils and granular materials.

Applications for TerraCemTM include:

  • Construction of oil well working pads and access roads;
  • Cement Treated Base where aggregate resources are scarce;
  • Full Depth Reclamation of existing pavement structure;
  • Stabilization of aggregate bases;
  • Stabilization of contaminated soils;
  • Deep soil and cutter soil mixing methods for ground improvement;
  • Soil drying;


  • Utilization of site materials;
  • Recycling existing pavement structure;
  • Optimizes use/reuse of material, including cementitious materials;
  • Saves energy and natural resources;
  • Superior performance in clay bearing soils;
  • Chemically binds contaminants within the soil structure reducing leaching;


TerraCemTM is formulated to work with soils to meet the unique needs of the road building and soil treatment industries and is not suitable for use in concrete or concrete product applications.

Product claims are based on proper use in accordance with recognized industry standards. Please contact your Lafarge Cement representative for specific product information, availability, and ordering.