We Are a One Stop Solution for Your Sand Needs

Whether it's for farming, construction, masonry, or other needs, Lafarge offers premium-quality sand. Our diverse portfolio includes construction-centric and decorative varieties

Sand Portfolio

Agricultural Sand

Our Agricultural or Barn Loafing Sand supports local farming communities by reducing pathogenic bacteria concentrations in cow loafing or bedding environments, minimizing infection rates.

Construction Sand

Our construction sand can be used for backfill, trench fill, under-slab, behind retaining walls, paving stones, or any project requiring clean, compactable-free, draining material.

Concrete Sand 

We utilize premium glacial open pit mining reserves to produce our Concrete Sand. Through advanced washing and vibratory screening, we exceed the rigorous requirements for ready-mix use.

Play Sand

Create safe and fun play areas with Lafarge's Washed Play Sand, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, especially in playgrounds. Our Play Sand is clean, finely graded, and sourced from top-quality sand reserves.

Masonry Sand

Our masonry sand ensures the production of high-quality mortar or parging products, allowing for even application, consistent strength, and a uniform finish.

Washed Sand

Ideal for clean, compactable-free, and draining applications. Perfect for use as backfill, trench fill, under-slab, and more.

Winter Sand

Produced from high-quality glacial open pit mining reserves, carefully washed and screened to meet the strict requirements for Winter Abrasives used in highway maintenance.

Stucco Sand

Mix our high-quality sand with stucco cement to create a textured finish on homes and garages. Compliant with the BC Building Code, it ensures an excellent bond and a beautiful, all-weather exterior cladding or parging.

Volleyball Sand

Our versatile Volleyball sand is perfect for volleyball courts and various recreational surfaces, including long jump and horseshoe pits, beaches, and play areas.


Product Availability

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  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Nova Scotia

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