While civil construction contractors deal with a wide array of large-scale jobs, only Lafarge Canada has the unique expertise to overcome the challenges of building a sports facility from the ground up. With enthusiasm and passion, we offer our proven experience in designing and building multi-purpose sports complexes for professional, scholastic, and community organizations across Western Canada.

Our high-performing paving and asphalt teams collaborate seamlessly with our precast concrete component division, the largest in Western Canada.

Together, they blend effective project management, skilled technical professionals, and top-quality, sustainable materials to construct running tracks, seating, structural wall panels and more. 

A Personalized Process

Lafarge goes beyond exceptional building capabilities by providing personalized client services, ensuring that you and your organization understand every phase of construction.

Our comprehensive package encompasses both design and construction, merging engineering expertise with competitively priced materials to create a one-stop-shop for design-build services. 

You can count on us to work hard, provide our professional best and earn our role as your partner in facility construction success. We bring more than 30 years of construction experience to every job, and we’ve earned our reputation as one of the best constructors in Western Canada.