We are more than just a construction and material supply company. We collaborate with our clients to research and provide solutions that address market needs and trends.

Lafarge is one of Western Canada’s largest roadworks contractors, completing over $700M of self-performed construction per year. We have over 900 construction employees in Western Canada with significant experience in joint venture projects from coast to coast. Lafarge is supported by its internal construction materials group–the world’s largest, most innovative, and most diverse.

Lafarge’s construction solutions offer an unparalleled range of innovative, quality-based construction management combined with high-performing cement, aggregates, asphalt and concrete products.

Project Spotlight

Our team is led by experienced construction professionals with expertise in project management of complex projects.
Our thorough management and leadership of complex, multi-span, multi-year projects is reflected in our continual participation in some of Canada’s most significant roads and interchange projects.