Same Premium Construction – Lighter and More Economical

Opt for Litex® concrete blocks to increase truckload volume by 30% and reduce transportation expenses

These blocks are up to 35% lighter than conventional ones with equivalent thickness, offering improved sound insulation, superior fire resistance, and enhanced thermal performance."

Key Benefits

Structural Semi-lightweight Concrete

Litex provides engineering savings due to reduced dead loads and has more fire resistance and higher thermal performance than conventionally made concrete.

Less Material Usage

Litex provides reduced loading for soil stabilization, fill, and backfill applications on existing structures. Hence, you’ll need less material by weight than for standard fills.

Mass Reduction

It reduces thermal cracking and offers per-unit mass reductions of up to 25%. This saves total handling and shipping costs.

Reservoir Capability

The product offers a sterile, inorganic medium that provides a reservoir for water.

Insulation and Frost Protection

Its lightweight fill can provide insulation and frost protection when used as a base under concrete or asphalt.

Ground Cover Substitute

It can be used as a ground cover or in soil-less mixes. Loose bulk densities range from 880-1200 Kg/m3. Product sizes range from ½-inch coarse to sands.

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Product Availability

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  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Nova Scotia