Celebrating Academic Excellence: Lafarge Scholarship Recipients from École de technologie supérieure (ETS)

Meet the inspiring recipients of the Lafarge Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship program from École de technologie supérieure (ETS), Melanie McGrory and Yousra Alimat. Their passion for engineering and commitment to making a difference shines through in their academic journeys.

Yousra embraced the recognition of being awarded the Lafarge scholarship especially as the award focuses on promoting inclusion in technology to underrepresented communities of which women are a part of that group. Similarly, Melanie McGrory found inspiration in Lafarge's commitment to students eager to make a real-world impact, resonating deeply with her desire to create a better future through education.

Both Melanie and Yousra are deeply engaged in their community and passionate about using their engineering expertise for social good. Yousra's involvement in projects like SynapETS reflects her dedication to improving the quality of life for individuals with reduced mobility. 

Looking ahead, both scholars envision the Lafarge scholarship making a significant impact on their academic and professional goals. With the financial support and access to additional resources provided by the scholarship, they are empowered to focus on their studies and pursue innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Their stories of resilience, determination, and passion are a testament to their dedication to building a brighter tomorrow.