Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives: Lafarge Canada partners  with Homes for Heroes for Affordable Veteran Housing in Ontario

At Lafarge Canada, we recognize the relevance of community support and collaboration for a good quality of life -  this is why we are working with partners actively championing progress across the different communities where we have operations.

Today, our spotlight is on Homes for Heroes, a foundation with an unwavering mission to reintegrate homeless military Veterans into the Canadian community shaping a future where sustainability meets affordability.

Lafarge Canada proudly supports the Homes for Heroes project by investing $40,000 worth of cement, concrete, and aggregates in the Kingston Veteran Village project. This substantial contribution has supported the development of secure housing facilities, serving as a vital step toward ending homelessness for our honourable veterans.

In a nation with over 460,000 Canadian Veterans, the staggering reality of over 5,000 vets experiencing homelessness cannot be ignored. This reality fuels the Homes For Heroes mission, which is not just about providing housing but making it sustainable and affordable. For us at Lafarge, it is an honour to collaborate with them in crafting unique urban villages in key cities across Canada where homeless Veterans can successfully reintegrate into civilian life.

Rob Cumming, | Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs, Lafarge Canada (East)

Our success hinges on community ownership. We formed a steering committee within each village to create a local solution. Lafarge shared our vision and became a crucial member.  The involvement of government, citizens, and corporations like Lafarge underscores our collective responsibility towards those who've served our nation. This partnership signifies our shared commitment to change.

David Howard, | Co-Founder & CEO of Homes for Heroes Foundation

A Conversation with David Howard, Co-Founder & CEO of Homes for Heroes Foundation:

“It takes a village to build a village. By uniting our efforts, we amplify our resources, multiply our impact, and accelerate progress towards our shared mission."

What Inspired the birth of Homes for Heroes?

"It all started years ago when we connected with Veterans facing homelessness. We engaged over 200 of them, understanding their needs and aspirations. This led us to create Homes for Heroes, a haven built around tiny home villages and comprehensive support services. Having transformed lives in Calgary and Edmonton, we're driven to replicate our success across Canada, with Ontario in our sights."

Who qualifies for the Program?

"Our program, shaped by Veterans themselves, is a lifeline for those seeking community and a path out of homelessness. We collaborate with social service agencies, ensuring a tailored approach. Each participant undergoes a needs analysis, aligning their journey with our program's goals. We're dedicated to creating a supportive atmosphere within our sustainable housing solution."

Envisioning the Future: A Flourishing Partnership

"Our partnership with Lafarge Canada exemplifies our drive to expand and create a nationwide impact. Our values align seamlessly, and we're excited to explore new cities. Beyond contributions, we aim to involve Lafarge's local teams in the heart of our communities. Together, we're nurturing a lasting connection."

Learn more about the Homes For Heroes village in Kingston here: