Lafarge Canada's $100,000 In-Kind Donation Boosts Environmental Conservation for British Columbia's Coastal Painted Turtle Project

Lafarge Canada reaffirms its dedication to environmental stewardship with a pledge to the British Columbia Coastal Painted Turtle Project (CPTP), showcasing a market value of $100,000 over five years. This commitment underscores Lafarge Canada’s ongoing support to safeguard and enhance the habitats of the endangered Western Painted Turtle populations across the Lower Mainland, Texada Island, and Okanagan regions of British Columbia.

The in-kind donation encompasses a diverse range of support, including cash, aggregates, concrete, equipment, and labour, to aid various initiatives crucial to the protection and restoration of painted turtle habitats. These efforts will encompass population monitoring, rearing, releasing, habitat restoration, and creation.

"The rate of urbanization across Coastal and Interior British Columbia poses significant challenges to habitat and biodiversity. Through progressive reclamation and creation of turtle habitat around our mining operations and supporting habitat rehabilitation within the province, our partnership with the CPTP aims to enhance habitats within and beyond our operations. We've been working with the CPTP team since 2010 and have watched their work reclassify coastal painted turtles from endangered to threatened on the Provincial Species at Risk registry. Outcomes like this testify to the impact grassroots organizations like CPTP can achieve in preserving biodiversity, reaffirming the crucial importance of our support."

Lincoln Kyne| Senior Vice President, British Columbia and the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Lafarge Canada

In British Columbia's ecosystems, Western painted turtles serve as vital indicators of environmental health and actively contribute to habitat balance. By backing initiatives such as the Coastal Painted Turtle Project, Lafarge Canada aids in conserving this endangered species and preserving biodiversity and ecological integrity in the region.

“Contributions made by Lafarge to the Coastal Painted Turtle Project will ensure that enhanced habitats are monitored for effectiveness at successfully producing the next generation of turtles and recruitment into the population. The funding also provides valuable resources for monitoring various turtle populations to assess head-started turtles' survival and reproductive success, which take four to five years to mature for males and eight to ten years for females. The next few years are significant for collecting this data as headstart turtles released eight years ago are starting to come up to nest."

Aimee Mitchell| Project Manager, Coastal Painted Turtle Project & Executive Director, Coastal Partners in Conservation Society

Lafarge Canada's commitment to the British Columbia Coastal Painted Turtle Project exemplifies its unwavering dedication to environmental conservation and collaborative action. Through this initiative, Lafarge Canada not only strives to mitigate its environmental footprint but also actively contributes to safeguarding species populations and habitats for future generations.