Building Sustainably: The ECOPact Success Story at Industrial Warehouse in Cambridge ON


Amidst the rapid expansion of Amazon's distribution network in Canada, the Broccolini team faced a significant challenge in building the Southwest Ontario facility. The company's strong emphasis on sustainability made it necessary to find concrete solutions that align with its environmental goals.


Taking a proactive stance, Lafarge Canada identified a promising opportunity with ECOPact, our low-carbon concrete, especially for its capacity to lower CO2 emissions in comparison to traditional concrete substantially. The Quality Control team played an important role in crafting Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to illustrate the CO2 savings per cubic meter, effectively communicating the environmental advantages to the project’s key stakeholders.
Additionally, our Value Added Products (VAP) Specialist meticulously developed a comprehensive ECOPact Case Study, highlighting the total CO2 savings for the facility across all phases of the construction process.


Through a collaborative effort with Broccolini Construction, ECOPact concrete was successfully integrated into the project's foundation package, with approximately 7,636 cubic meters supplied. This adoption resulted in a total CO2 saving of approximately 560,000 kilograms, equivalent to taking approximately 125 gasoline cars off the road for a year. 
Furthermore, we supplied Forta Ferro Structural Fiber for the deck slabs, totalling 3,304 cubic meters. 

Our partnership with Broccolini exemplifies our dedication to pioneering sustainable practices, as demonstrated by the seamless integration of ECOPact concrete into the project. This aligns with our shared vision of building greener and advancing towards a net-zero future while meeting our client's requirements.

John McCabe| Vice President General Manager, Ready-Mix, Lafarge Canada (East)

This successful implementation of sustainable construction practices not only fulfilled the project's requirements but also established a precedent for forthcoming endeavours, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship within the construction sector.

Through comprehensive case studies and EPDs, we’ve showcased the environmental advantages of ECOPact concrete. This not only highlighted its value proposition but also drove its adoption in this project with Broccolini our partners on this project!

Jerry Bettencourt| Value-Added Products Specialist, Lafarge Canada (East)

Collaborating closely with our partners, we demonstrated the tangible impact of ECOPact concrete in reducing carbon emissions while delivering exceptional results. This project exemplifies Lafarge’s commitment to sustainability.

Daryl Walser| Sales Rep, Lafarge Canada (East)