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Duratint™ is a colored hot mix asphalt designed to provide demarcation for safety or parking zones, or to provide an aesthetic alternative to conventional black asphalt surfacing materials.

Technical Benefits of Duratint™

Is laid as a surface course
Can be laid using conventional asphalt paving equipment and compacted using conventional asphalt compaction equipment. (However, all construction equipment and working tools should be properly cleaned out to avoid any contamination of conventional hot mix
Can be imprinted to give a patterned surface appearance (for example, red paving stones)
Product Overview
Product Performance

Duratint consists of a concentrate pigment mixed with any Durapave® asphalt surfacing product or conventional hot mix asphalt surface course to provide a vibrant color.

Duratint can be manufactured using either conventional asphalt cement or, where available, clear asphalt cement as the binder. When using conventional asphalt cement, the color choice is restricted to red or green; however, if available, a clear asphalt cement expands the color choice to red, green, buff yellow, and a natural finish.

Duratint with conventional asphalt cement has excellent demarcation characteristics and good long-term color retention properties, which make the material ideal for traffic-calming schemes. Further examples of where an alternative color has proved beneficial are bus lanes and stopping areas and for highlighting cycle routes and lanes.

The use of a synthetic, clear asphalt cement provides the scope for a wider range of aesthetic alternatives typically used in private residential areas and commercial schemes where the use of a range of colors adds to the aesthetic value of the site.

The addition of red or green pigment to conventional hot mix asphalt designs does not affect the technical performance of the material.

The use of a synthetic clear asphalt cement will generally increase the material's resistance to fuel spillage. Technical testing of materials using synthetic clear asphalt cement has found comparable performance results to those achieved with conventional asphalt cement.

To maximize the long-term color benefits, the color should ideally be matched to that of the aggregate used in the mix (depending on the level and type of traffic).