Elevate Success with Digital Innovation

Experience transformative solutions that optimize efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance sustainability throughout your construction projects. Our suite of digital applications, including Lafarge Concrete SMARTServices, empowers stakeholders across the construction value chain. From mix designs to real-time monitoring and logistics, leverage accurate data for informed, strategic decisions. 

Fuel your project's success with Lafarge's digital services to maximize concrete performance for more efficient and sustainable construction.

SMARTCast: Maturity Monitoring for Time Optimization

SMARTCast speeds up the construction process with sensors installed in concrete to measure its temperature and assess its strength in real-time.

The data is stored in a cloud-based platform, allowing customers to track the strength development process anytime, anywhere.

Reducing on-site management time, SMARTCast can accelerate construction by up to four days per floor for a high-rise building. Before the concrete pour even begins, Lafarge helps customers optimize their concrete mix design for the lowest possible environmental impact.


SMARTFlow: Pumping Prediction for Enhanced Efficiency

SMARTFlow uses a digital simulation to measure concrete flowability and match it to the appropriate pump for use in the field.

This reduces costs and delays that might otherwise be caused by underperformance or overdesign. Using the service also means
zero waste from real-size trials, contributing to sustainable construction.

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SMARTherm: Temperature simulation for Risk Mitigatigation and Cost Optimization

SMARTherm simulates concrete temperature development for mass elements, under unique conditions.

Taking into consideration design geometry, multiple mix designs and varying environmental conditions, to reduce cost, mitigate
risk and optimize the thermal profile.


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