Carbon-Conscious Construction: How Lafarge's ECOPact Revolutionized Nuvo Residential Towers


Sustainability took precedence in the Fernbrook Homes and Crystal Homes partnership for the Nuvo Condos construction in Oakville, Ontario. With an 8-story residential building housing 484 units and a potential concrete volume of 27,000m3, there was a need for the project team to come up with concrete solutions that integrate sustainability measures into the project from its very inception. 


Lafarge Canada initiated an innovative internal bidding process to ensure durability and sustainability, engaging Sales, Quality Control, and Value-Added Products teams from project inception. The proactive push for ECOPact mixes sparked fruitful sustainability discussions that Fernbrook and Crystal Homes embraced. Extensive sessions followed, sharing comprehensive data on low-carbon concrete and ECOPact's technical specifics, driving endorsement and engagement.

This successful approach accelerated the delivery of this residential project while prioritizing eco-conscious practices by incorporating 17,000m3 of ECOPact, including Weathermix Cold Weather Concrete and Chronolia High Early Strength Concrete.


The outcome was resoundingly positive. ECOPact, Lafarge's low-carbon concrete solution, received approval from all stakeholders, leading to a reduction of approximately 1,750 tons of CO2 emissions throughout the project, which was an average of 31% carbon emissions reduction. Furthermore, using ECOPact in this high-profile project presented an excellent opportunity to partner within the industry as we showcase Lafarge's commitment to sustainable practices.

This project exemplifies our commitment to sustainability, showcasing how integrating ECOPact can create tangible reductions in CO2 emissions while meeting the high standards of our partners.

John McCabe| Vice President General Manager, Ready-Mix, at Lafarge Canada (East)

Working with Lafarge on this project has been a game changer. Their commitment to sustainability aligns with our vision for responsible construction, and this successful partnership sets a new standard for future projects.

Kathy Di Silvestro| President of Crystal Homes

This project is a testament to Lafarge Canada’s ability to spearhead sustainability initiatives within the construction industry, forging strong partnerships while significantly building towards net zero.

The strategic use of ECOPact and the collaboration among various teams underscores our dedication to driving sustainable solutions in construction.

Jerry Bettencourt| Value Added Products Specialist, at Lafarge Canada (East)

It’s been rewarding to guide stakeholders toward sustainable solutions that reduced carbon emissions and showcase our commitment to innovative, environmentally responsible practices: laying the foundation for a greener future in construction.

Dustin Thibodeau| Sales Rep, Ready-Mix/Concrete, at Lafarge Canada (East)