We took the pledge: Women Empowerment Principles


Under the leadership of David Redfern and with his full commitment, Lafarge in Eastern Canada took the pledge to implement the Women Empowerment Principles (WEP)—a set of UNWomen guidelines promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment at work.

"Signing the WEP is a testament to our ongoing commitment to women in Eastern Canada and materializes what we've always intended to do: promote gender equality within Lafarge Canada, endorse women's career development by offering them equal opportunities, and ensure their health, safety and well-being at work,” explains David. “To take things one step further, we are also implementing various initiatives in 2020 and beyond to help foster a culture built upon inclusion and growth."

Along with our team in Western Canada that has also pledged to do the same, and 1000 other organization worldwide, we are proud to pave the way for women within our organization and beyond!