Tercem 3000


Manufactured with portland cement, granulated blast furnace slag, and silica fume, Tercem 3000® is ideal for high-performance concrete applications. It is well suited for walls, foundations, beams, columns, water retention structures, precast and prestressed products, roads and bridges, and industrial floors. In addition, it can provide outstanding results in roller-compacted concrete.

Tercem 3000® has been used since 1998 to produce quality concrete meeting stringent design requirements for strength and durability.

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The materials in Tercem 3000® work synergistically to produce concrete that has:

Superior strength
Increased resistance to alkali aggregate reaction
Increased resistance to sulfate attack
Reduced permeability
Good freeze-thaw resistance
Good salt scaling resistance

As with all concrete, for good freeze-thaw resistance and good deicer scaling resistance, a properly designed mixture that is finished and cured in accordance with ACI and CSA specifications and standards is essential.

Lafarge blended cements provides a significant contribution to sustainable construction. Their use in concrete production consumes less energy and offers improved efficiency and building performance. Blended cements can contribute to the achievement of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.

Product claims are based on proper use in accordance with recognized industry standards. Please contact your Lafarge Cement representative for specific product information, availability, and ordering.