Stormceptor® is a recognized leader in stormwater treatment, offering a range of versatile treatment systems that effectively remove stormwater pollutants. With the culmination of extensive research and more than 15 years' industry experience, more than 20,000 Stormceptor® units protect natural waterways worldwide everyday.

Stormceptor® systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your specific site and treatment requirements. Visit the Stormceptor® website for technical information, sizing software, and case studies, or contact your local Lafarge Pipe representative.



Stormceptor® stormwater treatment systems from Lafarge are designed to protect waterways from hazardous materials spills and stormwater pollution, including suspended sediment, free oils, heavy metals, and nutrients attached to fine sediment.

Additional information for Stormceptor systems can be found in the Lafarge Pipe eManual or contact your local Lafarge Pipe representative to learn more.



  • Stormceptor Brochure (pdf, 2.63 MB)
  • Stormceptor Pages (pdf, 17.63 MB)
  • Lafarge Stormwater Systems (pdf, 10.47 MB)
  • Lafarge Stormceptor Owners Manual (pdf, 2.89 MB)
  • Lafarge Stormwater Maintenance Program (pdf, 531.51 KB)
  • Stc300 (pdf, 186.16 KB)
  • Stc750 (pdf, 207.66 KB)
  • Stc1000 (pdf, 208.15 KB)
  • Stc2000 (pdf, 201.01 KB)
  • STC3000 (pdf, 205.08 KB)
  • Stc4000 (pdf, 206.95 KB)
  • Stc5000 (pdf, 204.59 KB)
  • Stc6000 (pdf, 206.17 KB)
  • Stc9000 (pdf, 209.13 KB)
  • Stc10000 (pdf, 440.6 KB)
  • Stc14000 (pdf, 226.32 KB)