Spotlighting the Value of a Low Carbon Cement Solution Across North America Through a “Heroes” Campaign

Lafarge Canada and LafargeHolcim in the US support low carbon cement solution across North America

CALGARY, Alberta, September 21, 2021 - In response to ever-increasing pressure on the cement and concrete industry for products with a lower carbon footprint, Lafarge in Canada and LafargeHolcim in the United States have partnered to launch a North America-wide campaign to raise awareness that environmentally-friendly cement products are a reality. 


Across North America, market demand for and adoption of low-CO2 cements remains inconsistent despite the availability of environmentally friendly cement products. The decisions around material selection are generally left up to local specifiers, who set the construction standards, and customers, who have deep experience with limited product mixes. 

The cement industry - traditionally carbon intensive - is now seeing a significant change in how specifiers, architects and customers are looking at building materials through the lens of environmental impact. The OneWay Forward campaign highlights five leaders in the engineering and building industry who are advocating for the use of environmentally friendly materials, specifically OneCem, across a variety of built applications. (

“Concrete is the most widely-consumed material after water, and so we consider it our responsibility to do everything we can to lower the carbon footprint of the cement we produce,” said Rene Thibault, Head of North America. “Our goal is to educate and encourage architects, engineers, contractors and ready-mix producers to adopt more sustainable products in order to lower the industry’s carbon footprint.”


“The built environment plays a central role in the transition to a low carbon economy. The most cost-effective CO2 reduction will be achieved by improving the carbon efficiency of buildings - and we can do that with OneCem,” explained Travis Butler, President and CEO of Butler Concrete in Victoria, BC.

Standard cement, also called ordinary Portland cement (OPC), typically comprises 90-90% clinker, which is the component that is made when limestone is superheated. Because it is the process of superheating limestone that causes CO2 emissions, the companies’ focus has been to find ways to lower the percentage of clinker per ton, thereby lowering the CO2 footprint and global greenhouse gas emissions.

Portland limestone cement, (OneCem®) is a blended cement manufactured with up to fifteen percent per ton of finely ground high quality limestone. OneCem is an engineered product that has been rigorously tested and proven to be a durable, high-performance product. 


The “Heroes” featured in this campaign share their motivation for choosing lower carbon solutions, as well as their experiences using OneCem. They include ready mix concrete producers, structural engineers, and precast concrete materials producers. 

From ultra low carbon cements such as EcoPlanet, through to continual validation with external parties via EPDs, the organization has made sustainability their guiding principle. 

“This is how we build now,” said Thibault. “We owe it to ourselves, future generations, and the communities where we live to maximize the use of low carbon cement wherever we can.”


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Lafarge is Canada’s largest provider of sustainable construction materials and a member of the global group, Holcim. With 6,000 employees and 350 sites across Canada, our mission is to provide construction solutions and products that build progress for people and the planet. The cities where Canadians live, work, and raise their families along with communities’ infrastructure benefit from the sustainable portfolio provided by Lafarge, consisting of Aggregates, Asphalt and Paving, Cement, Precast Concrete, Ready-Mix Concrete, and Road Construction.


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