Special Property Concrete Solutions


Industry leaders for a reason.

Concrete is one of the most versatile and prevalent materials on Earth. Besides water, concrete is the most used material by man, and is recognized by design professionals as one of the most versatile and sustainable construction materials available. Concrete is efficient and unique with features such as its thermal massing capacities, opportunities to recycle and reuse components, and its exceptional durability. 



UltraSeries Premium Ready-Mix

Ultra Series™ is a premium range of ready-mix concretes created to serve a broad spectrum of needs in the construction industry. The mixes are designed to give contractors, engineers, and architects increasingly flexible alternatives and sustainable solutions for their concrete needs. Developed for a variety of applications, including parking lots and driveways, the Ultra Series products continue to evolve to meet the industry’s changing demands. Our Ultra Series is a line of mix designs that deliver enhanced performance for any concrete needs.

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Should I ask for a specific admixture?

Tell us the performance you need, and we’ll deliver. Whether you require added flow, slower setting, or reduced permeability, Lafarge has the solution. We manage all inputs and technologies required and ensure compatibility and availability.

Can I use these technologies on all products?

Yes! These products are intended to be bolt-on enhancers as you need them. They will improve your concrete’s performance customized to your project. Our team will advise you on the most effective combination of products to achieve required performance without overspending.

Accelerator & Retarder Options

Chloride Based Accelerator: Command Set
Shorten set times for interior use. Acceleration for applications that are internal and have limited to no steel reinforcement. Do not use with colour concrete.

Non-Chloride Based Accelerator: Quick Set
Shorten set times for steel reinforced concrete. For concrete structures that have steel reinforcement and any exposure to moisture, non-chloride acceleration is required.

Retarder: Delay Set
Pace your project as you need to. For longer haul times, or when your team needs to set up a unique layout before starting the finishing process, use Delay Set.

Flow Options

​Add workability without water. Adding water to concrete beyond the design is not good practice - instead, Flow increases slump quickly and easily to allow faster placing and consolidation.

Shrinkage & Reinforcement Options

Reduced Shrinkage
Reduce cracking. Chemically reduce the shrinkage tensions induced by evaporation of water from the concrete. For any interior floor, Reduced Shrinkage adds to long term quality.

FiberPlus - Polyfibers
Reinforcement, built in. Lafarge carries poly fiber products that allow reduced plastic shrinkage cracking on decorative surfaces or even replace light mesh and rebar. Consult your sales representative for more information.

FiberPlus - Steel
Get your steel reinforcement from Lafarge. For footings, slabs, and all floors, steel reinforcement can come in the concrete truck. Consult your Sales Rep about this today.

Extensia creates flexibility in floor designs with the ability to decrease slab thickness, increase joint spacing and reduce or eliminate the use of reinforcement. Features of this unique product include:

  • Surface Performance for slabs requiring high levels of durability against wear resistance and impact with no surface hardener required.
  • Rapid Access permitting early loading of the floor, helping to shorten the time to market for new or refurbished buildings. 
  • Early Drying permitting the application of resin or tile toppings earlier, enabling the slab to be used more rapidly.


Water & Chemical Management

WaterTight Add-On
Add some insurance. Adding a crystalline product to your concrete effectively stops water from moving through micro-cracking. This is designed for walls, foundations and floors. 

Reinforcement on Top. For a tougher surface without using shake on hardeners, ask for Lafarge Anti-Abrasion. This can be added to any concrete.

Anti-Corrosion can help to extend the life of your concrete by protecting the steel throughout your concrete structure from corrosion. This can be added to any concrete.