Applications & Concrete Services


Lafarge is a long standing supplier of construction materials in Canada. Coupling our global product expertise with our local construction capabilities, we offer a complete supply and install service to our customers. Crushing, base preparation, forming, pumping, placing and finishing are all performed by our professional crews. Utilizing the highest quality of materials, proven techniques and skilled teams, we add resiliency to every project.


Concrete Paving Solutions

Based on Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) technology, Pavamax™ is durable, economical and sustainable. RCC has a long service life requiring minimal maintenance. The high strength of RCC pavement eliminates ongoing costly problems traditionally associated with asphalt pavements. An ideal solution for applications that require strength and durability, RCC can also be used as a base under asphalt pavement to increase street and roadway longevity.

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Municipal Roadbuilding

With the ability to project manage and self-perform municipal roads, plus concrete curbs, gutter and stormwater management projects, plus manufacture and supply the aggregates, ready mix concrete and asphalt, Lafarge is one of the only companies that is capable of directly managing its local quality service from start to finish. We control all of the inputs into your infrastructure, and therefore, with stakeholder interests in mind, bring unmatched quality across Western Canada. 

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Save time and money on your concrete supply, placing, and finishinh with Lafarge's quality product and performance. As part of Lafarge’s service offering, our concrete flatwork and placing teams are seasoned professionals providing decorative and structural flat-work, footings, and foundations. We provide place and finish services across Western Canada. Contact us to learn more about how we can service your project from start to finish - specializing in residential and small commercial construction and combining the highest quality materials with skilled installers to get your job done right. 

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