Finance. Design. Build.

Lafarge offers a single-entity approach, eliminating the complexity of dealing with multiple financiers, designers, and contractors for an efficient experience.

As a prominent design-builder, we offer our clients integrated design and construction services through a single point of contact. This approach fosters stronger partnerships and ensures a superior end product.

It's no secret why Lafarge has become one of Western Canada's top construction companies. Our blend of self-financing, in-house construction, extensive development expertise, global construction materials business, and skilled local staff ensures optimal solutions for you. Our evolving construction process, from financing to completion, sets new standards in Western Canada's development industry.

Moreover, our forward-thinking design model considers not only initial investment but also calculates life-cycle costs, ensuring a lasting, cost-effective ownership experience. We meticulously measure environmental impact, including energy consumption, and are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of our projects. With confidence, we deliver world-class developments tailored to your needs today and well into the future.