A varied range of solutions - tailored to your project. 

Lafarge cements are designed to respond to the requirements of our customers' unique project challenges. Our broad range of performance and standard products are suitable for industrial players, individual customers and architects:

Portland cements are high-quality basic building materials that are both efficient and versatile. We provide custom cements for different types of environments, including products suitable for exposure to seawater, sulfates and other aggressive environments. Our team also manufactures and provides special cements for specific applications, including white cements for architectural projects, cements for well drilling operations, cements containing silica fume or slag, pozzolan cements, and cements for road surfacing that incorporate slag and hydraulic binders. The Lafarge masonry and mortar cement line is suitable for concrete blocks, tiles, rendering, stucco, etc.

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Portland Cement

Canada's industry standard: General Use Portland Cement Type I & GU 

Lafarge Portland cement is a high quality, cost-effective basic building material that can be used in virtually all forms of construction - from hospitals and homes to schools, tunnels, and airports. Lafarge Portland cement meets or exceeds all applicable chemical and physical requirements of CSA A3000 and ASTM C150. The Lafarge offering includes Type GU, Type HE, and Type HS. 

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Supplementary Cementitious Materials

Combining performance with innovation

Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) 
are materials that, when used in conjunction with portland cement, portland limestone cement or blended cements, contribute to the properties of hardened concrete through hydraulic and/or pozzolanic activity. Examples include NewCem®: ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS), a by-product of the iron industry, and fly ash, a by-product of coal combustion in power plants.

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Masonry & Mortar Cement

Enhance structural stability and meet compressive requirements

Lafarge masonry cement is specially formulated to ensure a uniform product and color to produce quality masonry mortar for use in brick, block, and stone masonry construction. Lafarge Canada Inc. manufactures Types N and S masonry and mortar cements. Lafarge masonry cement eliminates the need to field proportion materials. A more uniform mortar can be obtained when only one blending operation is involved.

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