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Real performance - Lafarge's technical experts provide the solutions you need.

Led by Canada's top technical experts and the most advanced global R&D facilities, Lafarge has developed the most innovative range of ready-mixed concrete solutions and services. Our products are designed to support building and infrastructure construction players in meeting unique challenges: cost, speed of construction, and worksite productivity - as well as architectural and aesthetic visual impact. Our quality, consistency and reliability prodive superior performance and solve the most challenging project demands, whatever the application. Check out our performance offering below, and contact us to find out how we can customize for your project. 

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Ductal Ultra High Performance Concrete

Ductal® is a high-tech construction material (Ultra-High Performance Concrete - UHPC) with the superior qualities of resistance to compression, ductility, longevity, eco-efficiency, insulation and aesthetics. Ductal® is used in a wide range of applications - from the most demanding structures, including bridges and roads, to the most creative architectural projects and cost-effective public and private buildings, through our façade rainscreen cladding solution.

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DYNAMax - High Performance Concrete

DYNAMax pushes the boundaries of what is possible and gives you access to unrivaled expertise, experience and know-how in concrete. In combination with other products from the Lafarge range, it opens up a new world of building with concrete. igh performance concrete (HPC) meets unique and demanding performance and uniformity requirements that aren’t achieved through conventional concrete. As an engineered concrete product, Dynamax leverages Lafarge’s proprietary technologies, like its self consolidating concrete and other performance enhancements. 

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Agilia Self Consolidating Concrete

Agilia is a range of technologically advanced self consolidating concretes that can help builders accelerate construction schedules. The proprietary technology used in our Agilia concrete mixes allows it to flow cohesively under its own weight. It delivers excellent quality concretes with superior surface finishes compared to traditional materials – without the need for vibration and reduced manual placement efforts.

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Chronolia High Early Strength Concrete

Chronolia is a technologically advanced ready mix concrete that ensures fast turnaround and increased construction site efficiency, while delivering superior performance. As easy to place as conventional concrete, and without compromising workability, Chronolia develops extremely high mechanical resistance soon after pouring. 

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Weathermix All Weather Concrete

WeatherMix™ is specially designed to tolerate colder conditions than normal concrete. It also accelerates setting time, which provides early protection against freezing at subfreezing temperatures. WeatherMix™ is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial design professionals, owners and contractors by providing versatile concrete products for cold weather climates. 

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UltraSeries Premium Ready-Mix

Ultra Series™ is a premium range of ready-mix concretes created to serve a broad spectrum of needs in the construction industry. The mixes are designed to give contractors, engineers, and architects increasingly flexible alternatives and sustainable solutions for their concrete needs. Developed for a variety of applications, including parking lots and driveways, the Ultra Series products continue to evolve to meet the industry’s changing demands. Our Ultra Series is a line of mix designs that deliver enhanced performance for any concrete needs.

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Thermaflow Thermal Fill

Thermaflow optimizes the design of duct-bank systems for predictable thermal performance and potential project cost savings. Thermaflow's superior thermal performance may allow optimization of conduit capacity and trench design, resulting in reductions in material cost and back fill labor.

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