Highway 1 & lower lynn interchanges (north vancouver, bc)



New Construction

Lafarge’s scope consists of the following key components:

  • Construction of on/off ramps in all four quadrants
  • Signalization at both ends of the new structure to provide the safe movement of traffic on and off Mountain Highway
  • Replacement of the existing two-lane Mountain Highway underpass with a new four-lane structure
  • Full intersection at Keith Road/Brooksbank Ave/Mountain Highway
Relationship Building

Relationship building was essential and was created by ensuring that:

  • project leaders participated in pre-construction open houses and implemented various channels to
  • communicate with all affected stakeholders;
  • the complete development and execution of project-specific health, safety, and environmental plans followed by regularly scheduled audits and reviews;
  • schedules were designed sensibly with slack in critical paths, the coordination of specialized trades, and the flexibility to adjust to external constraints;
  • project control systems were both effective and easily accessed by all levels of workers, ensuring transparency and meaningful exchange of information; and
  • the experience and knowledge of the team helped provide innovative problem solving and adherence to budget, timeline, and specifications.
Environmental Risk Mitigation

Being located so close to the highly sensitive Lynn Creek - a spawning ground for salmon - all construction activity at Mountain Highway required conscious planning and consideration of environmental needs to align with the demands of a congested existing roadway.