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Every day we have opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint—and help create a better world.  We believe cement can help do that, too. Our sustainable cement offerings help reduce the CO2 intensity of our cements—and our stringent quality controls mean they can handle the most demanding infrastructure applications, like highways and bridges.

Our Sustainable Cement product offering includes ECOPlanet Ultra Low Carbon Cement, OneCem® Portland Limestone Cement, Blended Cements and Specialty Products. Many of these products incorporate supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and byproducts from other industries that offer sustainable and performance advantages for those who construct buildings of all kinds. Their use as a partial replacement for portland cement not only results in more durable, high-performance concrete but also lowers energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For every ton of clinker replaced by SCMs, CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 0.8 ton.

Canada's first ultra low carbon cement - EcoPlanet - is now available with Lafarge!

Lafarge introduces the ultra low carbon cement product EcoPlanet to the Pacific Northwest. With a strength profile that matches traditional Portland cement, EcoPlanet offers decreased CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process by 35%. EcoPlanet - like all cements - is ideal for mining and soil stabilization.

EcoPlanet is our global brand applied to low carbon cements whose CO2 reduction exceeds 30%, and which emit no more than 400kg of CO2 per ton. Compared to standard Portland cements (which typically emit upwards of 900kg of CO2 per ton!) - this is a significant impact, and a game changer for sustainable construction in North America.

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Performance and workability with a lower carbon footprint. 

You count on cement for strength and durability in what you build. Now you can count on it for something else, too: a reduced carbon footprint. OneCem creates less CO2  than traditional Portland cement. It’s a big step up for sustainability—and it makes everything you build that much better.

OneCem offers the same level of performance and workability you expect from standard cements. But, because it’s manufactured with quality limestone, it uses less clinker than the traditional manufacturing process and reduces CO2 emissions by five to ten percent per ton of cement. OneCem is currently distributed across Canada. 

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Achieve your performance goals by optimizing blend opportunities.

The use of cementitious blends not only results in stronger, more durable high-performance concretes, but also helps reduce global climate impact by lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Lafarge blended cements provides a significant contribution to sustainable construction. Their use in concrete production consumes less energy and offers improved efficiency and building performance. 

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Customized blends for sustainable performance.

Specialty cements are carefully designed to meet extremely demanding requirements. Our manufacturing plants, distribution centers, sales offices, and technical staff are strategically located to service unique industries across North America. From oilwell cements to agricultural gypsum to mining, our specialty products are tailored for performance and sustainability in every application.

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