Lafarge Pledges $75,000 to Partnership with Forêt-Boucher to Promote the use of Biodiversity Indicator

GATINEAU, Quebec, June 5, 2023 - Lafarge Canada, a leading provider of sustainable construction materials, today announced a planned 5-year expansion of its collaboration with the Forêt-Boucher Foundation, a local environmental conservation organization based in Quebec. Lafarge Canada plans to donate a substantial amount of $75,000 over the next five years, with a contribution of $15,000, comprised of $13,400 in cash and $1,600 worth of products, annually.

In 2021, Lafarge established a meaningful collaborative relationship with their neighbour, Forêt-Boucher, leveraging their close proximity to the company's Klock Quarry in Gatineau. The aim of this collaboration is twofold: to enrich and safeguard the region's remarkable biodiversity, with a particular emphasis on the forest's status as a habitat for a significant number of vulnerable and threatened species in the province, while concurrently fostering community engagement within the construction industry.

As this collaboration continues, Lafarge and Forêt-Boucher plan to continue their joint efforts to implement a wide range of initiatives that actively promote environmental stewardship and conservation. Notably, one of these initiatives involves the application of the Biodiversity Indicator Reporting System (BIRS) methodology developed in partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). We intend this methodology to conduct a comparative analysis between the forest and Lafarge’s neighboring buffer lands to significantly enhance comprehension of the ecological landscape and serve as a valuable tool for informing and shaping sustainable practices.

"We are thrilled to announce our plan to continue partnering with Forêt-Boucher," said David Redfern, President & CEO of Lafarge Canada, East. "At Lafarge, with our purpose to build progress for people and the planet, we firmly believe in the importance of developing strategic partnerships with local stakeholders to promote nature and biodiversity. We are particularly excited about working with Forêt-Boucher to spread the use of BIRs beyond our own fences. This will enhance our comprehension of the ecological landscape and serve as a valuable tool for informing and shaping sustainable practices."

Forêt-Boucher, renowned for environmental conservation expertise, welcomes Lafarge Canada's continued support. The organization's ongoing projects focus on local flora and fauna protection, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable land management. Lafarge Canada's generous donation will enable expanded conservation efforts and new initiatives.

"Good neighbourliness is the key to harmonious day-to-day collaboration. The Boucher Forest Foundation is very proud to have Lafarge as an immediate neighbour, and to be able to count on its vision, generosity and understanding of current environmental issues. It's our combined efforts that will enable us to meet the challenges of protecting biodiversity," said Executive Director, Mageland Yepmézoué.

Lafarge Canada’s collaboration with Forêt-Boucher reaffirms its dedication to sustainable practices and community engagement. By actively supporting initiatives that promote biodiversity and conservation, Lafarge Canada sets a commendable example for the construction industry to prioritize environmental sustainability.



  • Boucher Forest is home to Quebec's most diverse flora and fauna, with 1,145 listed species, including the largest number of vulnerable and threatened species in the province. Spanning 700 acres, 50% of the forest consists of forested wetlands.
  • In 2021, the Forêt-Boucher Foundation initiated an urban park development project in the Klock area to preserve and showcase the forest. The project attracts over 40,000 annual visitors.
  • Lafarge Canada, a pioneering partner of the Foundation, contributed up to $13,000 in cash and provided recycled materials for constructing walking paths within the park in 2022.
  • The Biodiversity Indicator Reporting System can be found here.


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