Lafarge Insights Webinar Series

As the technical experts in our field, Lafarge is Canada’s largest concrete manufacturer and supplier. Our best-in-class R&D teams develop the most innovative products, solutions, and services, as well as advanced manufacturing processes. As the new leader of the sustainable building materials industry, Lafarge Canada leverages our high-level research capabilities and experienced industrial know-how to develop the best range of multi-purpose sustainable products and solutions on the market. Part of our commitment to #buildbackbetter is to share our knowledge and expertise with the building community as well as our clients via our Insights Webinar Series. If you missed a webinar, click below to access our library of recorded webinars. If you'd like to be added to future webinar invitation lists, please contact your Lafarge Canada sales representative.

Concrete Insights #5: EPDs & Sustainability in Built Environments

As the construction and building industry continues to shift towards sustainability to combat the impacts of climate change, it is critical to establish a reliable and transparent means to support decision making, as well as to evaluate and validate sustainable outcomes. Join building and sustainability experts from across the industry to discuss the role of environmental product declarations in building materials, and learn more about how ECOPact sustainable concrete offers one of the greatest opportunities to reduce the embodied carbon footprint of our built environment.

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Concrete Insights #4: ECOPact - A Global Framework for Green Concrete

With increased awareness of the urgency of action to combat climate change, the building industry has moved towards a strong focus on sustainability. As building operations are refined to reduce carbon emissions, embodied carbon becomes a larger factor to consider in improving overall lifecycle carbon impact. Learn about opportunities to reduce embodied carbon in concrete and how ECOPact, our new brand of green concrete, can help meet your project’s sustainability objectives.

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Precast Insights: Building Safe & Sustainable

Join Mark Pisani, General Manager, Concrete Products and Joe Klippenstein, General Manager Pipe & Precast, for a different look at building with precast concrete - how it's safer, and more sustainable.

Climate Insights #3: Everybody on the Boat!

Reducing energy consumption doesn't have to be as expensive or time consuming if you can get your team to buy in and participate. Join Lafarge Canada's Environment & Public Affairs Manager, Bill Gowdy, to hear the story of how Lafarge employees took control to reduce their energy consumption at several Edmonton area facilities.

We'll also hear case study reviews from Priyanka Lloyd, Executive Director with Green Economy Canada, and Keri Macklin, Senior SEM Program Director with CleaResult.

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Concrete Insights Webinar #3: Agilia

Join us to learn about Agilia, a range of technologically advanced self consolidating concretes that can help builders accelerate construction schedules. The proprietary technology used in our Agilia concrete mixes allows it to flow cohesively under its own weight. It delivers excellent quality concretes with superior surface finishes compared to traditional materials – without the need for vibration and reduced manual placement efforts.

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Concrete Insights Webinar #2: StruxHub

Find out how you can improve the efficiencies of deliveries and tracker using StruxHub, a new site management software. The webinar reviews Deliveries – a real-time site logistics management system that coordinates all subcontractors delivery requests on a jobsite to ensure your teams get their materials—where & when they need it – and Tracker – a collaborative schedule tracker that brings your schedule to the Field, so  teams can understand & update assigned tasks, and the Project can finally align around a single source of information.

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Concrete Insights Webinar #1: Concrete Direct

Find out how you can improve the efficiencies of Field Operations Personnel, Office and Coordination Personnel, and Administration and Payable Teams. And ConcreteDirect's touchless systems make it even easier to follow social distancing guidelines and keep your teams safe.  


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Climate Insights Webinar #2: Sustainability in Cement Manufacturing - Exshaw, AB

The first of our 2020 Western Canadian environmental podcast series, we chat with Dene Cooper, a longtime resident of Exshaw (the home of Western Canada's largest cement plant) about how to collaborate with communities to drive policies that serve both the public interest and ensure sustainable business models in manufacturing. The more things change, the more they stay the same. (Podcast recording only - no video)

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Climate Insights Webinar #1: Green Gamechangers Innovation Challenge Series

Advancing cleantech innovation in Canada is an economic gamechanger, and represents an incredible opportunity for job creation, climate mitigation and whole-system transformation. Sponsored by Foresight Cleantech Accelerator and in collaboration with the Vancouver Economic Commission, hear about emerging opportunities that are poised to raise the bar in Canadian cleantech. Join us in this exciting presentation showcasing seven challenges. (Podcast recording only - no video)

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