Lafarge Drives Sustainable Construction With Enhanced EPD Certifications for OneCem® and NewCem® Cements

Lafarge Canada, a leader in innovative and sustainable building materials, is committed to accelerating green growth, and its enhanced EPDs certifying OneCem® GUL Cement and NewCem® Slag Cement in its Western Canada operations are proof of this commitment.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified document that states the environmental impact of a product through the provision of a measured global warming potential (GWP). As a company with sustainability at the core of its strategy, Lafarge actively works to lead cement’s low-carbon transformation and upholds transparency in its products. These EPDs help empower architects, builders, and other parties to make informed decisions that align with their environmental objectives.

OneCem® General Use Limestone (GUL, Type IL) Cement is manufactured at the Richmond Cement Plant, while NewCem® Slag Cement is manufactured at the Seattle Cement Plant. Both products offer the same strength, durability, and flexibility as regular cement with significantly reduced carbon emissions.

As per the EPD statement, OneCem®’s gross GWP is 657 kg CO2 eq.* while NewCem®’s gross GWP is 93.4 kg CO2 eq.*.

*per metric tonne

These GWPs are among the lowest in North America for cement manufacturers and will set new benchmarks for the industry.

“Innovation and sustainability are central to our business outlook. We will continue to engineer change to help us achieve our sustainability goals, while also improving our products’ performance and durability.”

Stephanie Voysey| Head of Environment and Sustainability, Lafarge Canada (West)

These changes align with Lafarge’s strategy for achieving its SBTi-validated net-zero targets for 2030 and 2050 and creating sustainable building materials. 

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