Lafarge Canada's St-Constant plant &amp Geocycle aim to further improve carbon efficiency


MAY 29, 2020 - ST-CONSTANT, QC: Lafarge St-Constant, located south of Montreal Quebec, has upgraded the Low Carbon Fuel (LCF) co-processing system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of cement, in its ongoing efforts to promote a zero waste future. The initiative aims to significantly improve the carbon efficiency of the facility.

Geocycle Canada, a subsidiary of Lafarge Canada dedicated to providing waste recycling solutions, is working with the St-Constant cement plant to recycle and co-process waste such as biomass and non-recyclable plastic, and help minimize landfill. Going forward, St-Constant will be able to reduce CO2 emission by more than 91000t /yr by co-processing the waste to produce cement—a monumental step towards a zero waste future.

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