At Lafarge, we understand our duty to support reconciliation with Indigenous communities in Canada.

With operations located on traditional Indigenous lands, we acknowledge the importance of our actions on the land. Through continuous efforts, we aim to enhance our understanding, build lasting connections, and promote mutual respect and collaborative stewardship.

Lafarge is dedicated to making a meaningful difference, leaving a lasting legacy beyond individual projects. We take pride in our enduring commitment to indigenous communities, working hand in hand to create a sustainable and prosperous future together.

Lafarge’s Commitment and Indigenous
Relations Policy

Our Approach



Proactive Community Engagement

Consulting and working with the Indigenous community is part of Lafarge’s business model. We recognize the significance of respectful partnerships and collaboration for mutual progress.



Community Investment

We are consistently looking for opportunities to invest back into the community. Lafarge annually invests in education infrastructure, amenities, and similar avenues to support Indigenous communities.



Skill Development

Lafarge has been working with the Indigenous communities on skill training initiatives to give people access to local employment opportunities.